Crowdfunding platform
Investors can earn crypto-currency investing in different projects
The first project we are working on, is the mining company 4KMining
Their mining farm is small now, but they have some unique technologies that can be used in a much bigger mining farm
The goal of SpaceICO is to help ideas come true.
Review of our first project 4KMining. Part 1.
The level of development of the 4KMining technologies is constantly growing and already exceeds the level of technologies of most competitors.

Now 4KMining is mining ZCash:
One of the unique technologies of 4KMining is the ability to switch the cryptocurrency mined in 5 minutes, for farm of any size.

Investments are guaranteed by the equipment - graphics cards, which are used for mining. At any time, the investor can request back his investments and get them in the form of equipment.

All equipment has a warranty period of 3 years. The equipment is a guarantee of investment liquidity. In case of force majeure circumstances, the equipment can be quickly sold and the money returned to investors.

Monthly, 60% of revenue will be directed to buy back tokens at a price of $ 2. All redeemed tokens will be destroyed. The redemption will begin in January 2018.

The value of the token during the ICO period does not exceed $1. Unsold sell tokens will be destroyed.

ICO runs from November 15 to December 25, 2017.
Tokens will be sent to customers December 26, 2017.
Contribute in pre-sale right now
and book your tokens with 20% discount.

USA and China residents are
not allowed to contribute, sorry.
Minimum is 2 ETH

Send ETH to this address:
Minimum is 0.2 BTC

Send BTC to this address:
Register your booking only after payment.
You will need the transaction ID (TXID).
Register your booking after payment.
You will need the transaction ID (TXID).
Tokens will be released in the Etherium ERC-20 standard.

The sale of tokens and their redemption will be executed in btc, eth, ltc, usd, eur.
Work on the redemption will be conducted through a smart etherium contract.

A total of 20 million SIO tokens will be released.

Of these, 75% will be sold, the remaining 25% will be used to recover costs.

Investing and redemption will be performed from the online wallet on the website

Expected return on investment is 1-2 years.

The token will be tranded in the stock exchanges from January 2018.
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